Microneedling & PRP

What is microneedling?

Microneedling or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that helps minimize the signs of aging, improve the appearance of acne scars and rejuvenate aging skin.  MicroNeedling treatments help to lift and tighten the skin while providing texture improvement for all ages and skin types giving you a smoother and younger looking skin, without the side effects or downtime of cosmetic surgery and lasers.


How does it work?

Microneedling is a procedure in which a pen with tiny needles is used to make micro perforations or channels in the skin causing a mechanical injury to your skin.  These micro-injuries stimulate the body's natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and regeneration.  This process leads to increased collagen and elastin production, preventing signs of aging and consequently a more youthful-looking skin. Skin circulation is improved giving you a healthier pink tone, becomes firmer and regains its elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles improving your overall skin condition. 

What can you treat?

Treatments with a micro needle pen do not burn the skin (like laser), dissolve it (like chemical peels). Microneedling gently stimulates the skin with very fine needles that encourage natural collagen production. The procedure is safe and effective for:

- Acne Scars

- Fine Lines & Moderate wrinkles

- Skin Laxity

- Pore Size

- Texture, Tone, Color

- Stretch Marks

- Traumatic Scars

- Photo Aging & Sun Damage

- Hyperpigmentation & Hypopigmentation

- Hair Loss

- Drug Delivery

What to expect?

Immediately after your treatment, your skin will look red as though you have a moderate sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. This will subside after 1-2 hours and will normally diminish within the same day or 24-48 hours. You may see slight redness after 24 -48 hours but only in minimal areas or spots.  

Other benefits:

Did you know that only 4 to 8 percent of the expensive serum you use on your face actually penetrates your skin? Microneedling improves product absorption tremendously.  Microneedling can be used in combination with Hyaluronic Acid and other serums to hydrate and heal the skin.  The micro-channels created by the needles allow for deeper penetrations of topical serums for more effective results. This procedure can increase the skins ability to utilize the nutrients by up to 3,000%. Combine microneedling with the body’s own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and kick start the healing process. The rejuvenation action that is started by the micro-wounds is dramatically enhanced by the growth factors contained in the PRP. Studies have shown skin rejuvenation with the PRP combination procedure. Optimal result is achieved with a series of treatments.

What and when can I expect results?

You will start to notice a change in your skin a few weeks after the treatment.  We recommend at least 3 treatments, one month apart, to achieve good results. In a few weeks the skin texture and acne scarring is improved, with long-lasting results.

The PRP Facial (Microneedling with Platelet-Rich-Plasma) 

This facial consists of injecting the face with your body’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP) which has a concentrated source of growth factors that aid in the healing process of damaged tissue and promote cell regeneration.   Combine microneedling with PRP and kick start the healing process. The growth factors contained in the PRP dramatically enhances the rejuvenation action started by the microneedling. The result is a plumper, younger-looking face, chest or neck, as the underlying layers of skin rebuild themselves. 


What is PRP therapy good for?

- Smooth lines and wrinkles (anti-aging)

- Improve skin tone and texture

- Improve acne scars and scarring due to surgery

- Promote hair re-growth in cases of alopecia, baldness or thinning hair 

- Eyes dark spots

- Thinning skin on the neck

- Sun damage

- Hyperpigmentation (melasma)

- Skin texture around eyes, on neck and décolletage

Who Cannot Have a PRP treatment?
Persons with severe skin disease, cancer, chemotherapy, metabolic and systemic disorders, and abnormal platelet function (i.e. blood disorders). Anti-coagulation therapy, sepsis HIV, some auto immune diseases. 


How is PRP obtained?

8 ml of blood is drawn from your arm, in the same way you would have a regular blood test.  The drawn blood is placed in a centrifuge for 5 to 10 minutes. This equipment spins the blood at high speed to separate the lighter plasma from the rest of contents of the blood. This isolated platelet rich plasma is “activated” once injected into the body, which will increase collagen production and have other healing effects.

What to expect?

Immediately after your treatment, your skin will look red as though you have a moderate sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. This will subside after 1-2 hours and will normally diminish within the same day or 24-48 hours. 

How many treatments do I need?

PRP has a time lag of 3 weeks to allow for the activation, proliferative, and healing processes to ensue.

Optimal result is achieved with a series of treatments. We recommend 3 – 5 treatments approximately 4 – 6 weeks apart.  This initiates an accelerated healing process and improves your skin quality for up to 12 months.


Topical anesthesia is applied  to your face to keep you comfortable during your treatment


The PRP Facelift (PRP + Fillers)

PRP is used very effectively in combination with Dermal Fillers to create a ”Liquid Facelift.” The PRP Facelift is a non-surgical skin treatment that uses the healing properties and growth factors of the platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) from your own blood's plasma, combined with a hyaluronic acid dermal filler (Voluma, Vollure, Restalyne, Juvederm, etc) as a method for skin rejuvenation and improvement of the tone and texture of your skin. The PRFM is injected into strategic areas of the face to reduce wrinkles, add youthful volume, and improve the quality of your skin. The procedure also results in increased collagen production, blood supply, and new skin and fatty tissue generation, creating that youthful appearance and healthier looking skin.  The PRP Facelift can be done in conjunction with wrinkle treatments such as Botox or Xeomin.

PRP benefit:

PRFM as part of a PRP Facelift acts as both a natural Dermal Filler enhancing the shape created by the HA filler and improving the texture and appearance of your skin giving a more younger, smoother, more glowing skin from new collagen formation and increased blood flow. As your skin rejuvenates,  your natural beauty is enhanced.

What to expect:

The PRP Facelift offers results that can be experienced on the same day, with continual benefit of skin regeneration lasting for months—even over a year—after the procedure. Immediately after your treatment, your skin will look red as though you have a moderate sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. This will subside after 1-2 hours and will normally diminish within the same day or 24-48 hours.  Only one treatment is needed.  


The PRP Facelift on Smokers

Cigarette smoke interferes with the body’s growth factors and with tissue healing and regeneration. If you do smoke, The PRP Facelift will not produce the same results as it would in a non-smoker. Smokers may be better off with hyaluronic acid filler application rather than using PRFM.

Modified PRP Facelift (PRP + No Fillers)

Designed for those who want the benefit of the PRFM without the addition of the dermal fillers. The modified Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift can be used to restore volume in strategic areas of the face.

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